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Costa, Pedro | Chafes, Rui

Família Aeminium

Família Aeminium is a new book by filmmaker Pedro Costa and sculptor Rui Chafes.
A mysterious sequence of photographs done during the exhibition Família conceived by the artists for the Roman Cryptoporticus in the city of Coimbra.

The Cryptoporticus, suspended in time, vacant and silent, was once a lively and vibrant forum.
The sculptures and the images living in these distant chambers, recall the lost gazes, the memory of whispers and movements.

Hardcover, 54 pages, 18x26mm, color.
With a poem by João Miguel Fernandes Jorge.
750 copies
  • Editorial: Pierre von Kleist |
  • Ano: 2016 |
  • Idioma: castelán |
  • ISBN: 978-989-99445-2-7 |